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Shopping Bags

“Paper or plastic?” asked the grocery store clerk. “Neither. I've got my own.” I said.

Bring your own shopping bag! Not just for groceries, but for all your shopping adventures.

Say no to paper and plastic and choose sustainable, eco-friendly Organic cotton bags for easy toting. The durability of reusable canvas bags is incredible compared to other less-renewable materials.

Increasing in popularity, reusable shopping bags prevent excess waste in your home and in the world. Now you can carry your own strong Organic Cotton Reusable Shopping bag. These eco friendly shopping bags will last for many years.

Shop wisely and consciously with your own reusable Organic bag. The planet counts on us to help it spring back, so letís start taking active steps toward conserving resources.

Eco Friendly Reusable Cloth Grocery Bags

Use reusable shopping bag for groceries, shopping at the drugstore or bookstore, take them to the mall. Be creative and see how many times you can avoid taking yet another new bag from a store.

We've worked hard to bring cloth grocery bags to you at reasonable prices. Take advantage of our efforts.

We have many more offerings for quantity orders as part of our "Organic Logo Promotional Products" offerings. We offer a full service with screen printing your logo or graphic with eco friendly inks on the Organic cotton shopping bags. These are great for your logo for corporate promotions, events, and fairs. You're "greening" your company operations. Now "green" your Logo Wear!

If you participate in an event or work for a company, suggest these alternatives to non-organic cotton and synthetics. We welcome your call to discuss your needs.

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