Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yes It's Organic Went Live on January 22, 2008!

The construction is finished. Just like a physical store, it took us longer than we anticipated. If you've been following our progress over that last month or more, we very much appreciate your patience. We're stocking our inventory. You'll see a rapid pick up in the pace over the next two weeks and beyond. Even while we keep adding inventory, you can start shopping!

Our goal is to have the widest selection of only organic goods, and organic fair trade goods, anywhere online or even offline. That's a lofty goal. However, we'd like your help to do it.

Take a look at Yes It's Organic now. Give us your feedback. Let us know how we're doing and what you've been looking for and just can't find in organic. Tell us anything else you'd like us to know about using your shopping decisions to support your own healthy living and that of our planet!

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Shop With Confidence At Yes It's Organic!
Shop with confidence knowing that everything in this store is Organic! Most items are also Fair Trade!

Save time. Add convenience to your life. Everything in one place. As we build our inventory, you'll find the largest selection with the quickest search.

You'll discover only high quality organic goods with five star customer service. All items made from Organic Cotton, Organic Wool, Hemp, and Bamboo. Plus Sustainable Furniture, made from Certified Sustainable Woods or Bamboo with, of course, Organic Fabrics.