Sunday, April 20, 2008

Organic vs Non-organic Cotton Farming

Organic Cotton Plant
Throughout most of human history, all farming, cotton and otherwise, was basically organic by default. There were no synthetic pesticides or insecticides. That changed with the World Wars and the first large-scale deployment of chemicals specifically formulated to eradicate life.

The descendants of these deadly chemicals were later applied to farming.

In the case of cotton, this is part of a war on weeds and pests that attack cotton. And, just as in any other war, many innocent bystanders, including plants, animals, and humans, are wounded and killed -- a tragedy that continues to this day.

Did You Know?

Non-organic cotton consumes approximately 25% of the pesticides and more than 10% of the insecticides used in the world. Some of these chemicals are among the most toxic classified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Non-organic farming devours roughly a third of a pound of pesticides and fertilizers to produce enough cotton for a single t-shirt.

Pesticides used in non-organic farming can enter the human food chain. Because cotton is grown primarily for its fiber, it is regulated as a non-food crop.

In fact, the majority of the cotton plant in the form of cottonseed, approximately 60% by weight, ends up in our food supply. Cottonseed is used to make oil that is used in processed foods. Beef and dairy cows are fed cotton straw, cottonseed meal, and waste from cotton gins.

Organic cotton provides all the quality and texture you've come to expect from cotton products.

The production of cotton has a huge impact on the world we live in and raise our children.

Organic cotton feels good on your skin - and great on your conscience.

Organic vs Non-organic Farming - Seed Preparation, Soil and Water, Weed Control
Organic vs Non-organic Farming - Pest Control, Harvesting

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

True Comfort in Eco-Stylish Organic Hemp Plus Organic Flax Fabric Blends

Women's Organic Hemp Halter Style ShirtFeminine and hand-crocheted, this Women's Halter Style Organic Hemp Shirt features a 'blossom' design at the bust with a comfortable, Organic Hemp/Organic Flax blend, knit fabric below. Accentuate your shoulders and back with the simple, halter style that is perfect for warmer days.

Organic Hemp ShawlShould the weather cool or a breezy night set in, stay cozy with the pure softness of this Zig-Zag Fringe Organic Hemp Shawl. Available in five attractive colors to enhance any outfit, this shawl is also made from a blend of Organic Hemp and Organic Flax for a sumptuous fabric that will take your shivers away.

Organic Hemp blended with Organic Flax is an ideal mix for its lightweight breathability and is an exclusive method from the manufacturer. As always, only natural and eco-friendly dyes are used to fine-tune the stylish colors of this shawl, making it better for your health and gentler on the environment.

Women's Organic Hemp Drawstring Skirt
Cut on the bias for a figure-friendly look, this Women's Drawstring Organic Hemp Skirt is short and sweet and features an elastic waistband for a snug fit. Choose among five sophisticated colors to incorporate into your 'green' wardrobe that will be wearable all year considering its all-seasons Organic Hemp design.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Men's Organic Hemp Cool and Breathable Clothing for Spring and Summer

Men's Organic Hemp Organic Flax Knit-Woven Button Down Short Sleeve ShirtEnjoy springtime weather with the breathable versatility of this Men's Organic Hemp Organic Flax Knit-Woven Button Down Short Sleeve Shirt. It comes in three great colors. You may wonder what Organic Flax is doing in a fabric blend, but surprisingly, it adds a special softness that is undeniably cozy when combined with the comfort of Organic Hemp.

Hemp is known for its moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic qualities, making it the perfect choice for days when you're indoors and outdoors. Styled in a true men's fit, this quality shirt should be in every man's wardrobe.
Organic Hemp Safari Hat

We tend to overlook the tops of our heads, maybe because we don't normally see them when we look in the mirror, but sun protection is a must for the place that sees it the most on days outdoors. Go all out with this Organic Hemp Safari Hat that is water resistant and hypoallergenic with a wide brim for optimal coverage from the sun.

Men's Organic Hemp Safari ShortsWith plenty of deep pockets for all your finds, these Men's Organic Hemp Safari Shorts are ultra-comfortable for the occasional expedition or just a casual day in the back yard. Vegan and environmentally friendly dyes for the eco-conscious, this look provides durability and breathability in three adventurous colors.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Feel Good Wearing This Women's Stylish, Eco Friendly Hemp Outfit

Women's Organic Hemp ShirtUltra-soft in stylish and eco-friendly hemp, Yes It's Organic brings you this creative and worldly long-sleeve top ideal for a busy day of shopping, as a beach-day cover-up or for whenever you're in the mood for looking good. The Siena Women's V Neck Organic Hemp Shirt with tie open-V neckline and slight bell sleeves is flowy and comfortable around the waist for the perfect fit.

Women's Organic Hemp PantsPairs with sophistication to the Women's Bootcut Organic Hemp Pants for a natural ambiance that promises to become your next favorite outfit. The pants feature a single-button zip front with side pockets for recognizable fit and on-the-go comfort.

Women's Organic Hemp Macrame PurseThe eco-style fun doesn't stop there. Get ready to greet your day with a finishing touch of the Organic Hemp Macrame Purse that features crochet and fringe details for a splash of femininity. But don't worry, this everyday bag is water resistant for the unexpected.