Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tests Reveal High Chemical Levels In Kids' Bodies

We think you'll be as shocked as we were to hear about the industrial chemicals in the bodies of this family from the adults to the baby and child who both had many times the burden that the adults had.

Anderson Cooper and Jordana Miller of CNN wrote a news report with the above title. It included an article, video, and definitions of some of the industrial chemicals found in the body including Phthalates, PBDEs, Bisphenol A, PFOAs, and PCBs.

Here are a few excerpted paragraphs from the news report "Tests Reveal High Chemical Levels In Kids' Bodies":

"We are the humans in a dangerous and unnatural experiment in the United States, and I think it's unconscionable," said Dr. Leo Trasande, assistant director of the Center for Children's Health and the Environment at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.

Trasande says that industrial toxins could be leading to more childhood disease and disorders.

"We are in an epidemic of environmentally mediated disease among American children today," he said. "Rates of asthma, childhood cancers, birth defects and developmental disorders have exponentially increased, and it can't be explained by changes in the human genome. So what has changed? All the chemicals we're being exposed to."

In 2004, the Hollands became the first intact nuclear family in the United States to undergo body burden testing. Rowan, at just 1 1/2 years old, became the youngest child in the U.S. to be tested for chemical exposure with this method.

Rowan's extraordinarily high levels of PBDEs frightened his parents and left them with a looming question: If PBDEs are causing neurological damage to lab rats, could they be doing the same thing to Rowan? The answer is that no one knows for sure.

Trasande said children up to six years old are most at risk because their vital organs and immune system are still developing and because they depend more heavily on their environments than adults do.

"Pound for pound, they eat more food, they drink more water, they breathe in more air," he said. "And so [children] carry a higher body burden than we do."

Read the full article on "Tests Reveal High Chemical Levels In Kids' Bodies", see a short video related to the article, and read short explanations on some of the industrial chemicals.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

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