Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bonus Free White Bamboo Towel With A Bamboo Robe

For A Limited Time Only

Receive A Free Bamboo Bath Towel (Regular Price $24) With The Purchase Of A Very Reasonably Priced Yet Luxurious Bamboo Robe

Increase Your Savings To $63 And More

100% Bamboo Bath Robe That Wraps You In Relaxing Comfort

Bamboo Bath RobeThis Bamboo Robe is luxuriously soft, breathable, temperature moderating, moisture absorbent, and anti-bacterial. After ordering one for himself, our President and Founder had rave reviews for this Bamboo Bath Robe for it's softness and it's perfect weight and design, with the shawl collar, for year around use. It'll keep you comfortable summer and winter.

Free 100% Bamboo White Bath Towel That Will Make You Want To Bathe Just So You Can Use The Towel

We want you to fully experience all the qualities of Bamboo for use in different kinds of products. To do so, we're making an incredible offer to you:

White Bamboo TowelIf you order the Bamboo Bath Robe by Wednesday, August 27 you'll receive one Free White Bath Towel priced at $24.

Keep Piling On The Savings

Here's Part 1 of adding to your savings: If you order two Bamboo Robes, you'll get an additional $10 savings off the price of the two Bamboo Robes. Plus you'll get two Free White Bamboo Bath Towels.

    Let's add up your savings so far:

  • One Bamboo Bath Robe with a Free White Bamboo Bath Towel - Save $24

  • Second Bamboo Bath Robe - Save $10

  • Second Free White Bamboo Bath Towel - Save $24

  • Total Savings So Far:

    Purchase One Bamboo Robe - Save $24 plus One Bamboo Bath Towel

    Purchase Two Bamboo Robes - Save $58
    plus Two Bamboo Bath Towels

  • We're not stopping here. Keep reading for our Bonuses Exclusively For Our Newsletter Subscribers

100% Bamboo Towel Set Savings Exclusively For Our Newsletter Subscribers

Bamboo Towel SetOne can never have too many towels. Here's Part 2 of adding to your savings - exclusive to our newsletter subscribers: Along with your free Bath Towel above, when you purchase a Bamboo Robe, we'll reduce the price on a complete Bamboo Towel Set by 12%. Instead of our already very reasonable price of $41.99, your price is only $36.95.

We'll even let you order as many sets as you want at this fantastic price.

Just use the following Coupon Code in the online shopping cart during checkout: (subscribe to our newsletter to receive the coupon code).

You'll save another $5 per Bamboo Towel Set. That brings your savings to $29 or $63 and more as you order more Bamboo Towel Sets. You just keep adding to your savings.

This is just one of the advantages of being a Newsletter Subscriber. You get exclusive offers not available to the general public.

Why Are We Going To These Extra Measures For You?

We want you to spread the word about our Bamboo products. We think they have such tremendous environmental benefits, as well as personal benefits, that we're trying our best to promote them, and offer them at great prices, as part of our mission to create healthier personal living and a healthier planet.

As always we very much appreciate your support for healthy living for yourself, your family, and our environment.

The Team Members at Yes It's Organic

P.S. Last Minute Bonus Exclusive For Our Newsletter Subscribers: As we were putting this newsletter together, our President and Founder told us that he has such confidence that you'll love the Bamboo Bath Robe and Towels as much as he does that he's offering to pay your return shipping if you don't like them! However, to receive this free return shipping bonus, you have to order by Wednesday, August 20. How about that for taking any risk out of taking us up on our offer?

P.P.S. Let's Summarize What You Receive When You Purchase An Eco-Friendly, Luxuriously Soft Bamboo Robe:

    Now let's add up your total savings:

  • One Bamboo Bath Robe with a Free White Bamboo Bath Towel - Save $24

  • Second Bamboo Bath Robe - Save $10

  • Second Free White Bamboo Bath Towel - Save $24

  • Bamboo Towel Set - Save $5 per set - You Can Order Different Colors - Newsletter Subscriber Exclusive

  • Free Return Shipping If You Order By August 20 And You Don't Just Love The Bamboo Robe and Towels As Much As Our President Does - Newsletter Subscriber Exclusive

  • Total Savings:

    Purchase One Bamboo Robe - Save $29 (or more) plus One Free Bamboo Bath Towel If You Order The Bamboo Robe By August 27

    Purchase Two Bamboo Robes - Save $63 (or more) plus Two Free Bamboo Bath Towels

Note: All dates refer to 2008.

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