Monday, April 7, 2008

Men's Organic Hemp Cool and Breathable Clothing for Spring and Summer

Men's Organic Hemp Organic Flax Knit-Woven Button Down Short Sleeve ShirtEnjoy springtime weather with the breathable versatility of this Men's Organic Hemp Organic Flax Knit-Woven Button Down Short Sleeve Shirt. It comes in three great colors. You may wonder what Organic Flax is doing in a fabric blend, but surprisingly, it adds a special softness that is undeniably cozy when combined with the comfort of Organic Hemp.

Hemp is known for its moisture-wicking and hypoallergenic qualities, making it the perfect choice for days when you're indoors and outdoors. Styled in a true men's fit, this quality shirt should be in every man's wardrobe.
Organic Hemp Safari Hat

We tend to overlook the tops of our heads, maybe because we don't normally see them when we look in the mirror, but sun protection is a must for the place that sees it the most on days outdoors. Go all out with this Organic Hemp Safari Hat that is water resistant and hypoallergenic with a wide brim for optimal coverage from the sun.

Men's Organic Hemp Safari ShortsWith plenty of deep pockets for all your finds, these Men's Organic Hemp Safari Shorts are ultra-comfortable for the occasional expedition or just a casual day in the back yard. Vegan and environmentally friendly dyes for the eco-conscious, this look provides durability and breathability in three adventurous colors.