Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Products - Hemp Shoes for Women, Men, and Children in Everyday Styles and Sandals

Women's Hemp Shoes
Men's Hemp ShoesChildren's Hemp Shoes

We think you'll be excited about our new Hemp shoes that we just put into the store. We have everyday shoes and sandals for women, men, and children.

You can see all the Hemp shoes for Women, Hemp shoes for Men, and Hemp shoes for Children on one page by going to the following link for Hemp Footwear - Women, Men, and Children. (In the store, this is in the section "Shop By Fabric Content - Hemp - Hemp Footwear")

Hemp Shoe Construction

The most remarkable materials in this footwear are the 100% hemp fabrics which construct the uppers, the interior lining, the tongue, and the covering of the inner soles.

For the interior, these shoes use a 14oz 100% hemp canvas for lining and inner soles.For the exterior, the manufacturer developed an extraordinary 20oz 100% hemp canvas specifically for footwear. It is the strongest hemp textile material by weight ever produced; it rivals the strength of the ancient sails that were more than twice its weight. They have spared no expense in the quality of the fibers and have used modern technology to maximize the strength, performance, and appearance of this phenomenal fabric.

The yarns used to weave this 20oz fabric are composed of pure line fibers of tremendous strength. These are the longest of fibers. They have been thoroughly combed clean and wet spun into a very fine and consistent yarn, which is woven with great pressure and precision into this smooth, consistent, supple, and tight canvas.

After weaving, it goes through an intensive finishing process which preshrinks it and makes the weave even tighter and more consistent. This fabric is water-resistant; it is waterproofed with an eco-friendly substance that contains no heavy metals or other environmentally-destructive materials. Finally, it is dyed with the same eco-friendly, high-performance, fiber-reactive dyes that are used on all of the hemp fabrics.

This remarkable textile was created through several years of research and development that focused on producing the qualities needed for comfortable high-performance footwear: durability, structure, and suppleness. Hemp footwear can now compete head-on with leather and synthetics while preserving our ecology and providing greater comfort and health!