Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bamboo Clothing Caution

by Ed Mass, President and Founder of Yes It's Organic

Bamboo blended with non-organic cotton just doesn't make sense to me.
Does it to you?

Bamboo in clothing, sheets, and towels is being promoted, accurately, as a sustainable resource. As discussed in detail in another article I wrote (Bamboo - Luxurious and Practical for Clothes, Towels, and Sheets), the farming is typically carried out organically, even if not certified, or at least in an evironmentally friendly manner. Also discussed are the aspects of the environmental friendliness of the manufacturing processes.

However, there is another important concern. Bamboo is being blended with many other fabrics to achieve varying characteristics of the finished item. However, when it's blended with non-organic yarns, for example non-organic cotton and synthetics, which are very environmentally destructive to our air, water, and soil as well as the farm workers, it really doesn't make sense.

Possibly the only argument that can justify these types of blends is one that says "well, it's better than 100% non-organic cotton." Is the glass half full or half empty? It may not be better if it creates a sense of accomplishment that derails the real objective of creating friendly clothing to both people and planet. It's important for you to be knowledgeable of the issues when evaluating bamboo blends when the item is being promoted as eco friendly, sustainable, and "green." What do you think?