Thursday, December 9, 2010

Organic Food for Thought - Inspirational Video by an 11 Year Old

Watch this video by Birke Baehr, an 11-year old. It's educational and entertaining. You'll enjoy it.

Birke is an eloquent speaker and provides insight into "What's Wrong with Our Food System" and what we should be supporting to move to a healthier food system. It's an encouraging and serious presentation accomplished with humor.

Birke Baehr is spreading the word about how our food is made, where it comes from, and what's in it. He presents a major source of our food - far-away food sources and less-than-picturesque industrial farms. He says keeping farms out of sight promotes a rosy, unreal picture of big-box agriculture and outlines the case for organic and local food production. At age 11, he's planning a career as an organic farmer.

Here's the link to the source page:
Birke Baehr: What's Wrong with Our Food System, an inspiring video from

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