Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Harmony, A Movie about Prince Charles' Environmental Concerns for the Earth

Prince Charles has been one of the strongest world leaders for environmental concerns for the Earth for three decades (so far). His emphasis on climate change, the ozone layer, marine pollution, toxic waste, acid rain, and global warming has lead to searching for innovative solutions to these and many other issues.

Prince Charles feels an urgenct need to solve an environmental crisis which, unfortunately, has been getting worse. The movie's message is that we must live in Harmony with the Earth and nature.

He has worked side by side with a wide range of environmental activists, business innovators, architects, and heads of government.

He emphasizes:
  • The need to connect our own personal health with that of our planet,
  • Responsible business practices that integrate an awareness of the role and impact of business in the wider community,
  • Education of future generations so they grow up with an understanding of the harmony that must exist in our world,
  • Building our built environment with minimal environmental impact,
  • Food and farming produced in connection with and no harm to nature,
  • Sustainability must be the outcome of all actions of businesses, governments, and our personal lives.
Prince Charles has been using Organic farming on his own farm since 1985. He says, "If you think about it for a moment, nature never grows short of energy, she never produces toxic waste, she never eats into her reserve so that next time round she has less to work with. Nature's system works productively in a balanced, durable way, year after year after year."

Watch the movie here. (The movie was shown on NBC on November 19, 2010.)

And go to the Harmony movie website to learn more about global environmental concerns and actions in which we must all be involved in our daily lives.