Thursday, December 27, 2012

Change Today: The Texas Organic Connection - Video

Organic cotton bedding and clothing is healthy for people and the environment - our air, water, food, and soil. Non-organic cotton is one of the worst polluting crops around the planet. Read our article on Organic vs Non-Organic Cotton Farming.

Change Today: The Texas Organic Connection 

View this interesting short video below that exposes an unlikely relationship between the global surf community and a group of organic farmers in Texas.

Change Today: The Texas Organic Connection from Jarrod Tallman (HANKfilm).

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bolivia Enacts New Law for Mother Earth

by Sara Shahriari
Indian Country, Today Media Network
October 26, 2012

“Mother Earth is the living dynamic system made up of the indivisible community of all living systems and living beings, interrelated, interdependent and complementary, which share a common destiny. Mother Earth is considered sacred; it feeds and is a home that contains, sustains and reproduces all living things, ecosystems, biodiversity, societies and the individuals that compose them.” – Bolivia’s Framework Law for Mother Earth and Holistic Development to Live Well, October 2012

Can the Earth have legal rights? Is a radical change in the way governments and people interact with the planet possible? A new Bolivian law says yes, defining Mother Earth as a living system with rights instead of an object open to unlimited exploitation.

Legislation rethinking human relationships with the planet was drafted by some of Bolivia's strongest social movements, including indigenous groups and small-scale farmers, in 2010. That same year President Morales signed an abbreviated version of the document, called the Law of the Rights of Mother Earth. Now, after years of discussions, a much wider reaching text named the Framework Law for Mother Earth and Integrated Development to Live Well is also law.

The wide-ranging document addresses topics including the environment, land distribution, access to employment, healthcare and education, using the concept of “living well” as its core theme. Seen as a return the indigenous values, “living well” is a way of life that values the collective over the individual, and having enough over having a lot. In Bolivia “living well” is also presented as a turn away from capitalism, which regards the planet as a commodity, in favor of sustainability and a harmonious relationship with Mother Earth.

In addition to defining the planet as a living system with rights, the law generally calls for...

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