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Bamboo Towels

100% Bamboo Bath Towel Sets - Temporarily Unavailable

1+ pieces$50.99 ea. 
2 + pieces$47.99 ea.5.9% Saved

Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Enjoy the sensual softness and luxurious feel of these 100% Bamboo towels. Discover these sumptuously plush and durable bath towels. These exquisite bamboo bath towels are made of 100% bamboo yarn to give you the softness and silkiness of cashmere, yet an absorbency that surpasses cotton.

These Bamboo towels are the perfect finishing touch to a warm comforting bath. So go ahead, indulge yourself in this natural luxury because not only are they good for your body and soul, but also our environment. These Bamboo towels have the characteristics of Bamboo itself which makes them naturally hypo-allergenic, bacteria and odor resistant.
  • Amazing Soft Texture. Many customers think it feels like cashmere or silk.
  • Superior Absorbency: Itís hard to imagine a towel this soft to be 60% more absorbent than cotton but it is.
  • Hygenic: Bamboo naturally contains a bacteria resistant quality. This means that textiles made of bamboo naturally inhibit the growth of bacteria and stay odor-free much longer than other materials.
  • Sustainability: Bamboo is a renewable resource that is abundantly available in many parts of the world. Unlike non-organic cotton, which requires a large amount of pesticides to maintain growth, bamboo is naturally pest resistant without using chemicals.
Fabric: 100% Viscose of Bamboo^ certified by Oeko-Tex: "Confidence in Textiles. Tested for Harmful Substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100." The list of criteria contains over 100 test parameters for harmful substances to assure that the textiles are not harmful to health. 550 gsm. By Pure Fiber.
Fair Labor

Sold as a Set of One Of Each of these Towels:
Wash - 13 x 13 inches
Hand - 15 x 30 inches
Bath - 30 x 56 inches

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Yes It’s Organic searches out the finest manufacturers and suppliers of organic goods. We seek out those that push new, increasingly greater eco-friendly methods for the process chain from crop to finished good.

Here’s Pure Fiber’s story in their own words...

Pure Fiber International, Inc. is committed to offering you exceptional products and superior customer service. Our commitment to you begins with selection of the finest materials, the most skilled craftsmanship and the highest quality control and safety standards.

Our Environmental Stewardship

When it comes to nature we believe in humility. We appreciate and respect our trees and soils. We believe that there is nothing wrong with utilizing what nature provides, but with modesty. We believe that it is crucial for everyone to work toward a greener future, but as a company we have a greater responsibility toward sustainability. We are just like you, we need, appreciate and enjoy the splendor of the forest, the depth of sea, and thus, we work hard to sustain the luxuries of nature. So our idea is simple, finding a product that serves not as an alternative but as a way to sustainability.

When Pure Fiber began sharing natural linen with friends, we made it clear that we didn't want to compromise the purity and quality of our products. So we set out a long textile journey, seeking the finest "green" fiber available...

Our Goal Is Simple

Supplier Code of Conduct

Pure Fiber develops a Supplier Code of Conduct focused on labor, health, safety and environmental protection in the workplace. For example, Pure Fiber Supplier Code of Conduct includes bans on child labor, a better than standard living wages, discouragement of disciplinary wage deductions, which in many cases far exceed the legal requirements in the supplier's home country.

The most important buying criteria for consumers and businesses alike are still price, performance, and quality. However, environmental awareness is becoming a global concern; as a result we feel that our clients and end users will appreciate the high environmental and safety standard that we set.

1. Selecting the Purest Natural Material

We analyzed several options before selecting bamboo. We intentionally selected bamboo for the following reasons:
  • Natural Softness and Natural Sheen as oppose to a chemical treatment to enhance the products softness while reducing its functionality.
  • Bamboo is naturally hypo-allergenic which helps to repel odors and limits bacterial growth.
  • Unique temperature adjusting properties, keeping skin cool in the heat and warm in cool environments.
2. Abiding to Strict / Accountable Good Manufacturing Standard and Practices

While Pure Fiber focuses heavily on creating quality products, we also want to avoid the harmful effects of conventional manufacturing practices. We choose to take on the challenge of being a frontier in low impact textile manufacturing. Our goal is to continuously learn, improve and exemplify environmentally ethical and good manufacturing.

Energy efficiency, materials innovation, and design for sustainability.
  • We aim to reduce our environmental impact by placing environmental considerations at the forefront of all manufacturing decisions.
  • We carefully select each batch of raw materials to eliminate impurities, to maintain quality and to reduce waste.
  • We continuously research and innovate our manufacturing method to increase efficiency of production and reduce energy and water consumption.
3. Continuous Research in Improving Design and Product Development

Dozens of bed and bath linen companies have already existed making the same products for the last several decades. After all, how glamorous can a towel or bed sheet be? We humbly started with a towel, dissecting and analyzing each section to see how we can innovate aesthetic, durability and absorbency. Basically, how can we bring more values to you?

Ultimately, end users are concerned about personal benefit and added value. It's hard to convince someone to switch to a product that is good for the environment without offering solid personal benefits. The Pure Collection aim is to provide customers with a unique vibrant color selection, extreme softness and absorbency rather than just the fact that the product is made from natural material and efficient dye.

Pure Collection utilizes no harsh chemicals or optical brighteners from the fiber state through the finished product. This preserves bamboo's inherent softness and gives the towels an ideal natural sheen. Not every yarn is created equal, as there is thread count to softness in bed sheets, there is also different bamboo yarn in creating any bamboo textile products.

Selecting a solid high grade and authentic yarn is the initial step to preventing breakage and increasing the durability of the products. In addition to adopting the finest bamboo yarn, our textile expert experimented with various construction combinations and the end result is the softest, durable and absorbent bamboo products, designed to withstand institutional laundering.
Care: Wash just like cotton (cold or warm water) and line dry or air dry on the lowest heat setting for no more than 15-20 minutes. Using bleach is not recommended. Although using regular detergent is fine, it is recommended that natural detergents should be used.

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    Bamboo Bath Towel Sets - Temporarily Unavailable