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Finger Paints for Children, Babies, and Creative Therapy

Children's 5-Pack Edible Organic Finger Paints

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Bursting with color, texture and taste, these edible Certified Organic finger paints will have your little one creating artful expressions. You will breathe easy knowing that they are made with Organic ingredients and are safe for finger painting and licking (pleasant taste but not too pleasant to encourage eating).

Made by mothers who understand the concerns of an environmentally conscience parent and the importance of artful play babies and children need to express. Feel confident allowing your budding artist a safe and limitless space to explore with these wonderful edible paints. They are textured for great tactile stimulation for infants and autistic or developmentally challenged children, while providing a wonderfully fun and playful material for any child.

How are these finger paints edible? They all use mostly Certified Organic food ingredients.

Various combinations of the following are used to produce the different colors: Organic Brown Rice Flour, Organic Rice Cereal (Organic brown rice, organic rice bran extract, vitamin E, alpha-amylase (enzyme), electrolytic iron), Organic Blueberry Powder, Organic Psyllium Husk, Organic Beet Powder, Organic Turmeric Powder, Organic Spinach Powder, Organic Spirulina Powder, and Pumpkin Powder.
  • Made with infant-safe, edible, mostly Certified Organic ingredients
  • Safe! If eaten, paints have a pleasant taste and are nutritious
  • 5 vibrant colors available
  • Perfect for creative art therapy with babies and children
  • No worries - these edible finger paints leave no stains on tables or skin
  • Long shelf life
  • Dry and preserve beautifully for several years
Contents: 5-Pack of Finger Paint in Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green, and Purple. Mostly Certified Organic food ingredients. (See list above.) Entirely edible. The paints come as powders to be mixed with water (which is why they have a long shelf life). Made in the USA. By Wee Can Too

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Here’s Wee Can Too’s story [in their own words]...

Sarid Ditton founded Wee Can Too in 2007 as her then, only daughter, Savannah, turned 6 months. As an artist, she sought out finger paints that would endure the curiosity of an infant. Many companies claimed to be safe and non-toxic, but still contained dyes that made her feel unsettled about "feeding" them to her baby. She started tinkering in the kitchen and finally came up with a product that is completely edible, organic and most of all, safe for babies and toddlers.

After two busy years of marketing and manufacturing Wee Can Too paints on her own, Sarid, then a mother of two, connected with a client based out of Kansas, Nichole Groat. Nichole has been in the apparel industry for ten years, has a strong background regarding organics and, being a mother herself, was a fan of Wee Can Too from the start.

Sarid and Nichole instantly became friends and are now partners in their passion for these paints. They complement each other’s personalities as each is outgoing, lively, passionate, and full of ideas for the organic consumer. As parents, as business partners, and as friends their motto for Wee Can Too is: Whenever you have a passion in life, go for it. And so they have.

The eco friendly, organic, edible paints are amazing. They are completely safe for your kids. Most importantly, they are edible in case your little one decides to put their hands into their mouth, which is bound to happen at some time while finger-painting.

These organic, edible finger paints are definitely the way to inspire your budding artist at an early age. Plus they're receiving fantastic praise for use with autistic children for art therapy. They are textured, so they provide great tactile stimulation for infants and autistic or delayed children, besides providing a safe and fun art material for any kid.

They also make great gifts!

You won't have any worries about these paints because they:
  • Are made with infant-safe, edible, mostly organic ingredients
  • Have an incredible shelf life
  • Are easy to use
  • If eaten, they have a pleasant taste and are very nutritious!
  • Available in 5 vibrant, organic colors
Most children and toddler paints that claim to be, "non-toxic" contain food coloring and dyes, which have been proven to be unsafe. Wee Can Too edible paints are completely safe, organic and worry-free!

These finger paints have been very successful because other parents are looking for the same, safe products! Best of all, our children LOVE them!

Our organic paints are making baby, toddler, and children finger painting fun and worry-free again! We're totally confident that you and your children will love these paints as much as we do!

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    Children's Edible Organic Finger Paint