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Organic Hemp Bags and Luggage Eco Friendly Details


Yes It’s Organic believes in an educated consumer for organic goods. To that end, we bring you the eco details of manufacturing the fabrics and fabricating the bags of Ecolution®.





Hemp Bags

The Ecolution® line of 100% hemp bags demonstrates our deep commitment to quality, value, and ecology. In our fifteen years of experience making hemp bags, we have gained the knowledge of what details are essential to produce a premium quality product.

We produce bags of many sizes, uses, and styles, giving you ample variety in your selection to match your customers' needs, and wants. Each of our bags has its own unique story, and has been subject to hundreds of hours of design, and testing.

Eco Detailing
All of our compartments, straps, linings, andedgings are made of hemp. We have evendeveloped a special edging material, woven fromhemp/flax yarns, which we use for edging and fortaping the seams in most bags. Our dedication to maximizing the hemp content in Ecolution® bags is a distinguishing feature of our line.
For over a year now Ecolution® has been using YKK Velcro, rivets, and metal snaps for all of our bags. Additionally, for the bags in our line which have to withstand the greatest impact in use, we use YKK zippers. We took this important step because YKK makes the highest quality fastening products in the world.
All stress points are reinforced with extra stitchingwhile every seam on each bag has at least twostrong and clean stitches. We use an exceptionallysturdy thread, ideal for use in bag manufacture,which we source from Coats, a premium qualityBritish producer of sewing thread.

Leather Free

In keeping with our commitment to creating as little environmental impact as possible, we use no leather or other animal products in our bags whatsoever.

Quality Control

During our years of experience in manufacturing, wehave developed an extensive multi-level quality control system to ensure that all Ecolution® products are consistent with our mission of bringing you only the best. Ecolution® bags are made withgreat attention to detail and quality that reflects thepride that we take in excellent craftsmanship.

Hemp is the most environmentally positive crop, improving soil quality as it grows. In order to develop a sustainable economy and provide a healthier standard of living for our future, we must work with plants and develop agricultural and processing methods that don`t harm our environment.because of its rapid growth cycle, hemp can help us shift to a carbohydrate based sustainable economy. This change is one of the first major steps towards bringing us into harmony with our natural world.


Hemp fabric is an excellent material for bags, because it has tremendous strength and durability, and it also has a natural rigidity that provides superb structuring qualities to maintain form and volume. Additionally, hemp fabric is very resistant to degradation from mold, bacteria, salt water, sunlight, abrasion and chemicals, while being fully biodegradable. It is an excellent ecological alternative to environmentally destructive conventional cotton cultivation and synthetics. With its rich texture and natural look, hemp fabric has a distinct style that is great for many kinds of bags in several applications, especially for a casual or travel oriented look.

Ecolution® uses only premium quality 100% hemp fabrics in the manufacture of our bag line. We weave these fabrics in-house to the unwavering quality control standards developed over our past 14 years of experience weaving hemp fabrics. All Ecolution® fabrics are made from hemp fibers that have been mechanically processed with a chemical-free, environmentally-sound technology. This natural processing is accomplished with a series of increasingly fine mechanical combings done in two stages known as scutching and hackling, the traditional methods used for hemp processing in Eastern Europe. This ecological processing of hemp fiber distinguishes our line, making it superior to chemically processed (cottonized) short-fiber hemp products from China. Those products have lost the benefit of being environmentally-sound and also the superior strength, durability, and structuring ®qualities that hemp naturally has. Ecolution® produces all of its hemp fiber with natural processing that preserves the innate integrity of hemp fiber with its long molecular structure and inherent strength and durability.

Our 100% Hemp, 18oz/sq yard (610gm/sq m) fabric.

Most Ecolution® bags are made from an excellent heavy weight hemp canvas, which is stronger and more durable than anything else on the market. This canvas has gone through an intensive finishing of boiling and pressing that has largely pre-shrunk it while also making its already tight weave denser. We even make this fabric water resistant with an environmentally-sound material that contains no heavy metals. This material is applied in a stage of the finishing process, and so it is bonded directly to the fibers. This is in contrast to most waterproofing substances that only lie on the surface of a fabric. Our waterproofing is much more resistant to degradation from use and washing.

Our 100% Hemp, 21oz/sq yard (710gm/sq m) fabric.

For a few of our bags that are subjected to the most extreme stress in use, Ecolution® works with a unique premium fabric that we have developed especially for our footwear line. It is the strongest hemp fabric in the world, having been produced from the finest high grade hemp yarns that are woven and finished with specialized machinery and extra care. This premium quality fabric is water proofed like our 18oz/sq yard (610gm/sq m) fabric.

Fiber-Reactive Dyes

We dye all fabrics with eco-friendly fiber-reactive dyes. Fiber-reactive dyes are a good example of how superior quality materials are often more ecological. These dyes are both the best quality and most environmentally-sound man-made dyes available. Their colors are brighter and richer, and they provide excellent colorfast properties.

These characteristics are due to their fiber-reactivity, a process in which the dye molecules bond directly with the fiber molecules. Because the bonding of the dye and the fiber is so strong and complete, very little residual dye comes out into the wastewater when they are dyed or later into the wash water when they are used by the customer.

The Swiss laboratories of Bezema developed these dyes, always keeping high environmental standards in mind. They contain no heavy metals or other known toxic substances, and they meet all European Union criteria for being an eco-friendly pigment.

Nine years ago Ecolution® was able to start using these dyes full-scale after working for several years to develop an effective system for dyeing with fiber-reactives. It is significantly more difficult and expensive to dye with reactives than with conventional direct dyes, but the benefits both in terms of quality and ecology make it well worthwhile.
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