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Legare Sustainable Bamboo Furniture Room Planner

Start your interior decorating design with our room plan software to create your room layout with our sustainable bamboo furniture fit to scale. No software to download, just use it right from this web page.

If you'd like us to help you plan out your room just give us a call at our toll free number at the top of every page or fill out our Contact form and tell us a few different times for us to call you.

Legare Sustainable Bamboo Furniture Room Planner - Quick Start Guide

Launch Room Planner in a Separate Window or simply stay on this page and use it above.

The Legare room planner lets you visualize your room using pre-made furniture icons.

Start with a pre-built plan with existing items and modify it to suit your needs, or design your own room from scratch.

Add typical items like chairs, tables, plants, lights, doors, etc., then add the Legare items that you're considering to get a feel for how the Legare pieces will fit into your space.

After launching the Room Planner, you may either select a pre-built plan or choose to design your own room.

If you select a pre-built plan from the list, simply select the items that you don't want in your floorplan and delete them. Click on an item in the drawing to select it, then click on the red delete button. To select multiple items at the same time, select the first item, then hold the shift key and click on additional items.

Delete the item
Open the Properties dialog for the item
Resize the item
Rotate the item

Once you have a clean starting point, select the items you want to include from the pop-down menus on the left.

First select the general type of item from the upper menu. Then select a more specific category of items from the lower menu. Finally, click and drag the desired item onto your drawing.

Items will automatically be "layered" or stacked so that rugs lie underneath furniture, while computers and other electronics sit on top of furniture.

You can drag items around to move them, and you can rotate and resize them (but don't resize Legare Products). If you need to size something to specific dimensions, click on the blue info button and type the dimensions in the Properties dialog. And, you can change the size of the room by selecting and dragging walls.

Finally there's extensive on-line help available by clicking on the "Help" button in the top right of the planner window.

Launch Room Planner in a Separate Window or simply stay on this page and use it above.

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    Sustainable Bamboo Furniture Room Planner