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Sheets & Sets

Sheets & Sets
Shop Organic Cotton, Bamboo, and Tencel® sheets and sheet sets for their soft, smooth feel, and safe, chemical-free production.

Organic Cotton, Bamboo, and Tencel Sheets

Organic Cotton sheets are made of Certified Organic fibers grown without pesticides leaving safe, clean fabrics available for your eco-friendly bedroom. Make a positive impact on the earth by choosing Organic products whenever available to you.

Bamboo and Tencel sheets are socially and environmentally responsible because they are naturally pest resistant and have lower water requirements than cotton. Tencel is one of the most environmentally responsible fabrics of all, due to the eco friendly processing to make the fibers. (You can read about it in our Tencel Lyocell article below.) You can rest assured that only the purest fibers are close to your skin each night. Use your purchasing power to make a difference for your health and the health of the planet.

As a quality alternative to conventional-fiber sheets for everyone, our sustainable bedding also takes into account chemically sensitive people and allergy sufferers that need a cleaner option. We all spend 7-9 hours in bed every night; don’t you want to be sure that space is as pure as possible?

For those wanting to know more, see our articles under the "Why Organic?" link above, or go to the following articles:
Organic Cotton
Tencel Lyocell

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