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Organic Logo Promotional Products

Organic Logo Promotional Products

You’re “greening” your organization. Now “green” your Logo Apparel!

Your custom logo can be embroidered or imprinted (screen printed or direct-to-garment printed), with eco friendly water based inks, onto polo shirts, t-shirts, caps, bags, and other apparel plus a variety of other fine Organic and eco friendly promotional products. All crafted from Certified Organic Cotton and eco friendly Bamboo and Hemp to embellish with your logo.

We work with companies, conferences, events, hospitality, and resort and spa experiences, to provide a full range of eco friendly promotional products for embellishing with your custom logo to create embroidered and imprinted (screen printed or direct-to-garment printed) shirts, caps, and more.

Our Selection of Organic and Eco Friendly Products

We've developed our own network of specially developed embellishers that focus on eco friendly embroidery and imprinting on our Organic and eco friendly items. Almost any item you find on our website, even if not shown specifically on this page, can be embroidered or imprinted (screen printed or direct-to-garment printed).

These items include embroidered golf shirts, imprinted shirts of all types, robes, hats, bags, and more. Our network of embellishers specialize in using water based eco friendly screen printing and direct-to-garment inks.

We will advise you along the path to getting your items embellished using the following simple three steps:
1. After a discussion with us of your needs, we will advise you for using a specific embellisher for embroidery or imprinting (screen printed or direct-to-garment printed with water based eco friendly inks) based on the items you want embellished and your location within the U.S.
2. You will then place an online order through this website of the items that you want. For your order, you will use the shipping address for the embellisher which you have decided upon.
3. The embellisher will embellish the items and either you will pick up the items or have them couriered to you if the embellisher is near you or the items will be shipped to you.

We'll help your organization reduce its carbon footprint through your logo promotional items. Let us help you be a part of a sustainable future.

Contact us now to include us as part of your team.

If You're Not The Decision Maker

Please help spread the word about Organic Promotional Items. How? Just by telling a company (even where you work), conference, event, marathon, hospitality lodging, resort, spa, non-profit, or anyone about our Organic Logo Wear department. It's easy, makes you feel good, and adds one more little effort to support healthy living and a healthy planet. Thank you.

Key Notes

1. We don't do the embellishment ourselves. We work with you to arrange to have it done with eco-conscious companies that do the embellishment directly for you. We do not charge for our time in advising you during this process. Therefore, we do require a minimum quantity of 25 items to help cover our time in assisting you for embroidery or eco friendly imprinting.
2. All items on this selected "Promo Products" section may also be ordered individually, without getting them embellished, by clicking on their individual product pages below.
Contact us to discuss your needs.

Eco Friendly Golf Balls
$24.95, 2/$23.95, 3/$22.92
Organic Cotton Baseball Cap
$14.99, 2/$12.99
Organic Cotton Beanie
$14.99, 2/$11.99, 3/$9.99
Organic Cotton Twill Corps Hat
$16.99, 2/$14.99, 3/$13.99
Organic Cotton Slouch Beanie
$17.99, 2/$14.99, 3/$12.99
Men's Organic Cotton Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
$18.49, 2/$16.49, 4/$15.49
Men's Organic Cotton Short Sleeve Polo Shirt
$29.99, 2/$26.99, 3/$24.99
Women's Organic Cotton Short-Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt
$19.99, 2/$16.99, 3/$14.99
Women's Organic Cotton Classic Short-Sleeve T-Shirt
$16.99, 2/$14.99, 3/$13.99
Women's Organic Cotton Classic Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
$22.99, 2/$19.99, 3/$17.99
Organic Cotton Large Twill Tote Bag
$15.99, 2/$12.99, 3/$10.99
Organic Cotton Gusseted Long Handle Canvas Tote Bag
$12.99, 6/$10.99, 12/$10.49, 24/$9.99
Organic Cotton Eco Promo Tote Bag
$9.99, 2/$8.99, 3/$7.99
Organic Cotton Twill Everyday Tote Bag
$12.99, 2/$9.99, 3/$7.99
Organic Cotton Canvas Market Tote Bag
$16.99, 2/$14.99, 3/$13.99
Organic Cotton Canvas Farmer's Market Tote Bag
$19.99, 2/$16.99, 3/$14.99
Organic Cotton Canvas Boat Tote Bag
$27.99, 2/$24.99, 3/$22.99

Contact Us To Prepare a Custom Solution for You

On this page, we've selected some of the most popular eco friendly promotional products while we are building up the visual representation of the range of other products. However, don't wait. Contact us now for your needs.

With a selection of Organic Cotton Custom Embroidered Shirts, Custom Eco Friendly Screen Printed Shirts, Organic Cotton Shopping Bags, Totes and Towels, plus Bamboo Shirts and bamboo robes we have you “covered.” We also have standard to luxurious Organic Cotton Towels and Bamboo Towels along with numerous other items.

We can help with all your company, conference, and event promotional product and advertising specialty needs, including:
  • Company and team outfitting
  • Corporate gift programs
  • Employee incentives and recognition
  • Customer rewards
  • Meeting and event needs
  • Special order products
  • Conferences - complete "greening" including Organic and eco friendly attendee bags, lanyards and badge holders, pens, paper, banners, signage, cutlery, plates, napkins plus, if you'd like, we'll manage these processes for you, including options for recycling products and composting of food wastes if possible

  • Hospitality - lodging, gift shops, restaurants - “greening” of your textiles including towels, sheets, robes, tote bags and more

We’ve Done The Screening For You

We’ve already done the green, eco-friendly, fair labor screening for you. Best of all, we arrange for embroidery or screen printing with eco-friendly inks (not easy to find) depending on the material. Standard screen printing inks are made from oil and contain environmentally damaging pthalates and PVC compounds, and may contain heavy metals and formaldehyde. Not so with our inks. Our eco-friendly inks are water based, pthalate-free, PVC-free, contain no heavy metals or formaldehyde, and are free of harmful azo compounds. Tell us your needs and request a quote.

Once you see green promotional products you like, or if you have an idea of what you want and are willing to let us find an eco friendly match for it, please fill in the Contact form or call us for a quote.

Quantity discounts start at just 48 or more of the same item and continue through quantities of thousands.

The first two images are subsections of this department. The other images are Specially Selected Popular products. In addition to these, we can arrange to embroider or screen print your logo on any item in our store plus a couple thousand other organic, eco friendly and green logo and promotional products.

We’ve Negotiated Great Quantity Discounted Prices For You

We’ve worked hard to bring these choices to you at reasonable, significantly discounted prices for quantity orders. We’re continually expanding our selection of eco friendly promotional products for your branding. Whether you're dressing an entire staff or wanting items to promote your company or event, we have, and can find, the green products to further your environmental efforts. Describe your needs in our Contact form, or call us at 800-455-4508.

Take advantage of our efforts as your new Organic, Eco-Friendly partner for your corporate and event promotional items, corporate gifts, and advertising specialty items.

We’re Your Organic, Eco Friendly Logo Wear and Promotional Products Expert

Turn to our Logo Products for your custom embroidered shirts, embroidered golf shirts and other screen imprinted promotional product needs. Each promotional item we print has your logo on it—from stylish corporate apparel for gifts, incentives, and rewards, to our custom t-shirt and sturdy tote bags and backpacks. Custom promotional products are a great way to increase brand recognition, retain employees, motivate sales and other personnel, and interest new customers through the use of logo goods.

Imprinted Green Promotional Products are Important to Your Company!

We can enhance your environmental efforts. With our quality Organic and eco friendly imprinted promotional products, we can advise you on the most environmentally beneficial means of putting your logo on a wide variety of promotional items. Tell us your needs and request a quote.

We focus on organic and eco friendly promotional products on which we can screen print and embroider your logo:
  • Polo Shirts
  • Promotional Tote Bags
  • Imprinted T-Shirts
  • Travel Mugs
  • Ceramic and Stainless Steel Mugs
  • Embroidered Golf Shirts
  • Embroidered Baseball Caps
  • Promotional Sustainable Pens
  • Corporate Apparel
  • Recycled Paper Calendars and Much More
We make it easy for you to incorporate “green promotional products” into your environmental efforts. Trust our Promo Item Experts!

Our promotional item experts are very knowledgeable and professional. They work with eco friendly product promotions, tradeshow giveaways, corporate gifts, and logo promotional advertising with all the marketing know how to guarantee the best return on your investment. So, what are you waiting for? Let one of our promo product account representatives help you find the best environmental advantage to your advertising specialty item, corporate gift, and employee logo shirts and other logo apparel at the best possible price! They'll show you how to make your logo environmentally beneficial to give you an extra boost to your promotional efforts.

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