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60-Inch Straight Desk With Shelves, Amber Finish

Sustainable Bamboo 60-Inch Straight Desk With Shelves

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Indulge in the luxury of this large, sustainable bamboo straight desk that includes three 12-inch shelves, with room for three more. Eco responsibility meets functional office furniture with this desk that has a golden amber finish using a non-toxic kiln process. Sustainable bamboo is an excellent material for anyone with chemical sensitivities since bamboo is naturally grown pesticide and herbicide free.
  • Can be expanded from either side with Legare peninsulas, bridges or extensions for limitless configurations
  • Assembles in minutes without the need for tools or hardware thanks to the unique locking design
  • Disassembles in seconds for flat storage or transport
  • Shelves are adjustable in 6-3/8 inch increments
  • See “Shelving” below for shelf information
  • This is the largest straight desk with functional work and storage space and ergonomic curvilinear surfaces
Dimensions: 60 inches wide x 27 inches deep x 32 inches high
Weight: 92 pounds

Material: Sustainable bamboo plywood. Laminated using E-1 grade VOC-free adhesives (see below for explanation). Beautiful amber finish created using a non-toxic kiln process. By Legare Furniture.
Shelving: Includes three, 12-inch shelves and holds up to six. Click the link for easy ordering.

Click the related items tab to find more sustainable bamboo wood furniture pieces that are compatible with this straight desk such as additional shelving and options; desk hutches; peninsulas, bridges and extensions for added work space; and more!

Or visit the Legare Sustainable Bamboo Furniture Collection page to view all pieces in this collection. Quickly put together a custom set for your home or office in a few easy clicks.
  • Patented Fun-To-Assemble™ design allows amazing 3-minute assembly - no tools, no hardware, no problem.
  • Reversible panels are finished on both sides to provide many years of dependable use - allowing Ready-To-Assemble furniture with the industry’s strongest 10 year limited warranty direct from the manufacturer.
  • True Functionality - Desks and office furniture with expandable modular systems and flexible asymmetric installation offers workspace solutions to fit any home, student or office environment.
  • Despite its fast assembly, Legare furniture is incredibly stable. The Sustainable "Moso" bamboo plywood furniture utilizes a locking-tab design to provide exceptional strength and durability.
  • Desks and office furniture have clean transitional designs with full-size privacy panels, wire-management cable routing and ergonomic curvilinear surfaces.
  • Bookcases, media stands and towers, and home living furniture all have wire-management cable routing designs for organization and a clutter-free look.
  • Precision-engineered, computer-controlled automated manufacturing, coupled with extremely freight-efficient flat-packaging, enables remarkable price value.
  • This Sustainable Bamboo furniture is produced from Moso bamboo, the most sustainable species of bambooo in the world. It regenerates over 100 feet in height in less than 6 months yet it's one of the strongest building materials known.
  • The eco friendly “carbonized” finish is produced by a non-toxic kiln process that gives this furniture its rich golden amber color. In fact, the kiln process uses the waste material from the making of the plywood for its heat source.

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Here’s Legare Furniture’s story in their own words...

Legare is a furniture design and manufacturing company that produces unique, patented, easy to assemble furniture for the home and small office. They are a Founding member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council.

Introducing the next evolution in small office and home office furniture - Legare. Unique modular furniture that’s so easy to use. So easy to put together. So easy to fall in love with. In just 3 minutes, you can build an entire system. No tools. No hardware. No problem.

Started in late 1999 as an after-hours project and following three years of product design and development, a partnership was formed to optimize manufacturing and increase marketing efforts by combining the global sourcing and distribution expertise of Mike Markwardt with the sales and marketing leadership of Howard Klion and the design and engineering expertise of Brock Brandenberg.

The current Legare designs are simply an evolution of this original modular design, with the introduction of some new materials and finishes along the way. All components preserve the original aesthetics and functionality while remaining free of the need for tools or fasteners.

The Legare Sustainable™ line includes a complete range of office, media and occasional furniture. Patented tool-free assembly, incredibly strong tab-and-slot design, integrated cable routing and many other forward-thinking user features are just a few of the innovations you’ll find in every piece of Legare Sustainable furniture. Legare furniture is packed with remarkable innovations that you simply won’t find in other modular furniture.

Legare Sustainable is produced from Moso bamboo, the most valuable and sustainable species of bamboo in the world. Amazingly, it regenerates over 100 feet in height in less than 6 months yet it’s one of the strongest building materials known, having been used for construction for over 5,000 years.

New technology has enabled plywood and flooring to be made from bamboo, and Legare Sustainable plywood utilizes only the finest Moso bamboo harvested from groves in central China. The use of plywood is important not only for strength, but also because of the efficient use of bamboo stalks and low VOC emission adhesives used in its manufacture. Only legally harvested bamboo is used in production - no bamboo from ecologically significant, socially valuable, specially protected or uncontrolled groves is allowed.

Legare Sustainable has an eco-friendly “carbonized” finish produced by a non-toxic kiln process that gives our furniture its rich golden amber color. In fact, the kiln process uses the waste material from the making of the plywood for its heat source.

Specify the Correct Delivery Location: Residential or Business. The term “Residential” means all private and non-commercial sites, and commercial establishments and businesses that are not open to the walk-in public during normal business hours, including private residences, apartments, farms, churches, schools, camps, mini-storages and other such locations not generally recognized as commercial business locations.

Deliveries occur only on weekdays - Monday thru Friday. Deliveries are not possible on weekends or public holidays.

Customers in Hawaii and Alaska - Shipping costs can vary widely to theses states so we will advise you on actual costs before finalizing your submitted order.

E1 is a set of regulations for environmentally acceptable performance created by the European Union in Brussels. It's the most stringent rating system for furniture products in the world. This system rates furniture according to the amount of chemicals used in the manufacturing process, the degree of dangerous off-gassing of formaldehyde and other toxic gasses, and the source of base materials used.

Each product is then assigned a rating with E1 being the best rating with zero off-gassing and E5 being the worst with significant off-gassing. VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds that vaporize into the air and are considered unhealthy to breathe.

Furniture Note

Although rare, small cracks may sometimes be present and are considered normal in laminated Bamboo boards. These cracks, if present, will not be over 1/32” in width and will not affect the structural integrity of the furniture. New Bamboo may have a slightly grassy scent which should dissipate over time.

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    Sustainable Bamboo 60-Inch Straight Desk With Shelves